Prof. dr. ir. Bart Bossink
Science, Business & Innovation 

Science and technology supports people, firms, and government. The world changes rapidly and technology is  helping us to find new ways of communication, transportation, health care, and leisure. Mankind is increasingly profiting from ongoing innovation in communication, information, life sciences, sustainable energy, audio-visuals, transportation, and domestic appliances.



technology /tek noll∂ji/ (plural -gies) n 1. APPLICATION OF TOOLS AND METHODS the study, development, and application of devices, machines, and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes recent developments in seismographic technology  2. METHOD OF APPLYING TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE a method or methodology that applies technical knowledge or tools a new technology for accelerating incubation Maryland-based firm uses database and Internet technology to track a company’s consumption of printed goods 3. MACHINES AND SYSTEMS machines, equipment, and systems considered as a unit the latest laser technology 4. CULTL ANTHROP SUM OF PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE the sum of a society s or culture s practical knowledge, especially with reference to its material culture

innovation /inn∂ vaysh n/ n 1. The act or process of inventing or introducing something new 2. A new invention or way of doing something suspicious of fax machines and other technological innovations

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