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Evgenia Motchenkova 


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Current Affiliation:

Assistant Professor
VU University Amsterdam
Department of Economics (feweb)
De Boelelaan 1105 / 7A-31
1081 HV Amsterdam
tel. +31-(0)20-5987143




Ph.D. Economics, Tilburg University, 2001-2005

Master Degree, University of Oslo, 1999- 2001

Master Degree, Saint-Petersburg State University, 1995-2000


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Research Interests

Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, Competition Policy and Regulation, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Dynamic Games

Publications in Refereed Journals

E. Motchenkova and P.M. Kort, (2006), Analysis of the properties of the current penalty schemes for violations of antitrust law, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 128(2), 431-451, URL:

E. Motchenkova, (2008), Determination of optimal penalties for antitrust violations in a dynamic setting, European Journal of Operational Research , 189(1), 269-291, URL:


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H. Houba, Motchenkova E., and Q. Wen, (2010), Antitrust enforcement with price-dependent fines and detection probabilities, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 30 no.3 pp. 2017-2027, URL:


R. Halbersma, M. Mikkers, E. Motchenkova, and I. Seinen, (2011), Market Structure and Hospital-Insurer Bargaining in the Netherlands, European Journal of Health Economics, Volume 12, Issue 6, Page 589-603, URL:


E. Motchenkova and R. van der Laan, (2011), Strictness of leniency programs and asymmetric punishment effect, International Review of Economics, Volume 58, Issue 4, Page 401-431, URL:


H. Houba, Motchenkova E., and Q. Wen, (2012), Competitive Prices as Optimal Cartel Prices, Economics Letters, Volume 114, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 39-42, URL:


I. Lianos and E. Motchenkova (2013), Market Dominance and Search Quality in the Search Engine Market, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 9 (2), 419-455, URL:

E. Motchenkova (2014), Cost minimizing sequential punishment policies for repeat offenders, Applied Economics Letters, 21 (5), 360-365, URL:


Book Chapters and Reports


H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, (2014), The Role of Legal Principles in the Economic Analysis of Competition Policy, in Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation,  M. Peitz and Y. Spiegel eds., Now Publishers Inc. Boston-Delft. pp. 389-422, URL: , Discussion paper version URL:

I. Lianos, F. Jenny, F. Wagner von Papp, E. Motchenkova, and E. David (2014), An Optimal and Just Financial Penalties System for Infringements of Competition Law: a Comparative Analysis, Report Fiscalia (Chilean Competition Authority), URL:


Working Papers

Penalizing Cartels: The Case for Basing Penalties on Price Overcharge, with Y. Katsoulacos and D. Ulph, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 14-129/VII, TILEC Discussion Paper Series, 2014- 037.


Legal Principles in Antitrust Enforcement, with H. Houba and Q. Wen, 2013. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers, 2013-178/II, Tinbergen Institute


Market Power in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets with Non-expandable Infrastructures, with Funaki, Y. and H. Houba, 2012. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 12-139/II and TILEC Discussion Paper Series 2012-041.


Antitrust Enforcement and Marginal Deterrence, with H. Houba and Q. Wen, 2011. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 2011-166/1, Tinbergen Institute


Research Joint Ventures and Price Collusion: Joint Analysis of the Impact of R&D Subsidies and Antitrust Fines, with O. Rus, VU Serie Research Memoranda 2011-25, URL:

Leniency Programs in the Presence of Judicial Errors, with N. Ghebrihiwet, TILEC Discussion paper 2010-030, URL:

The Effects of Leniency on Maximal Cartel Pricing, with H. Houba and Q. Wen, 2009. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 09-081/1, Tinbergen Institute

The effects of leniency programs on cartel stability: A timing game approach, CentER Discussion paper 2004-98, URL: CentER Discussion paper series 2004-98 (revised July 2009)



Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in Oligopolistic Search Engine Market, with E. Bartelsman, P. Denderski, and I. Lianos, mimeo (March 2013)


Mode of Extraction: Technology Transfer, Spillovers, and FDI Policy, with Nahom Tesfay, mimeo (September 2014)




Other publications

Y. Funaki, H. Houba and E. Motchenkova, 2013, An application of Market Power Theory in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets to the EU Gas Production and Distribution Industry, AENORM, 21(78), 14-19. URL:

N. Tesfay, F. den Butter and E. Motchenkova, 2012, De valkuilen voor de snelle economische groei van Eritrea, Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB), 97 (4632), 30 March 2012, 216-218. URL:

H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, 2010, On the Effectiveness of Leniency Programs in Cartel Enforcement, MET: Medium Econometrische Toepassingen, 17-4-3, p. 18-23

H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, 2010, On the Effectiveness of Leniency Programs in Cartel Enforcement, AENORM (Student Magazine Actuarial Sciences, Econometrics and Operations Research) 18 (67), p. 23-27

H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, 2009, The Maximal Damage Paradigm in Antitrust Regulation: Is it Something New?, AENORM 16, gemeenschappelijke uitgave econometriestudieverenigingen Kraket/VSAE, Vrije Universiteit/Universiteit van Amsterdam, p.37-41.

Promoting small-scale private enterprises in Russia: the problem of excessive taxation, Proceedings of the Workshop on Reviving Russian Economy through the restructuring of incentives, 2001. St-Petersburg, Russia, pp. 7-10


Fellowships, Grants and Honors

·         Short-listed for Antitrust Writing Awards GCR, 2013 (article: " Market Dominance and Search Quality in the Search Engine Market");

·         Short-listed for the best TILEC Discussion Paper of the academic year 2012-2013 (article: " Market Dominance and Search Quality in the Search Engine Market");

·         TILEC Research Grant on “The law and economics of online search and search advertising”, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2011;

·         Research Fellow of Tinbergen Institute (TI), Tilburg University, 2012 - present;

·         Research Fellow of Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), Tilburg University, 2006 – present;