Curriculum Vitae (extended version)

Peter Nijkamp

Free University
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Department of Spatial Economics
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-20-598 6090
Fax. +31 20-598 6004

Born February 26, 1946 (Dalfsen, the Netherlands)

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Econometrics and Regional Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1964-1970)

Ph.D. in Regional Economics at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1972), on "Planning of Industrial Complexes by Means of Geometric Programming" (Rotterdam University Press, Rotterdam, 1972) (cum laude)

Previous Appointments

Research Assistant, Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam (1969-1970)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1970-1973)

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Free University, Amsterdam (1973–1975), and Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1973-1978)

Chairman Department of Regional Economics, Free University, Amsterdam (1975–2002)

President of the European Heads of Research Councils (EUROHORCs) (2005-2007)

Current Professional Position

Full Professor in Regional Economics and in Economic Geography, Faculty of Economics, Free University, Amsterdam (1975-)

President Governing Board Netherlands Research Council (NWO) (2002-)

Membership Editorial Board Scientific Journals (Selection)

Economic Modelling
Annals of Regional Science
Geographical Analysis
Network Economics and Spatial Theory
Regional Studies
Environment & Planning C
Studia Regionalia
International Journal of Development Planning Literature
Ecological Economics
Indian Journal of Regional Science
Geographical Systems
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal
Applied Economic Geography
Netherlands Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
Studies in Regional Science
Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
Socio-Economic Planning Studies
Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management
Journal of Transportation and Statistics
International Journal of Environment and Pollution
International Journal of Technology Management
European Economic Review
European Journal of Infrastructure and Transport
Growth and Change
International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management
Journal of Transport Geography

Investigaciones Regionales
International Journal of Revenue Management
Scienze Regionali

Signs of Scientific Recognition

Honorary medal University of Poitiers, France (1981)
Honorary medal Panthios University, Athens, Greece (1987)
Doctor honoris causa, Free University, Brussels, Belgium (1989)
Honorary medal University of Catania, Italy (1994)
Honorary award European Regional Science Association (1995)
Walter Isard senior scholarship award of the North American Regional Science Association (1997)
Fellow World Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fellow Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fellow International Academy of Regional Development and Cooperation, Moscow, Russia
Fellow Holland Society of Sciences
Fellow Royal Belgian Academy of Science and Arts
Winner of the 1996 Dutch Spinoza Prize (highest scientific award in the Netherlands)
Scientific Advisory Department of Systems Ecology, Academia Sinica, China
Fellow Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam/Rotterdam
Honorary member of Japan Section of Regional Science Association International
Doctor honoris causa, National Technical University, Athens (2002)
Winner of the First European Prize in Regional Science
Winner of the 2004 Founder's Medal of the Regional Science Association International (highest international scientific award)
Fellow of the Regional Science Association International

Guest Professorships

University of Gothenburg, Sweden
University of Osaka, Japan
Boston University, Boston, USA
National Technical University, Athens, Greece
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
University of Naples, Italy
Pandios School of Political Science, Athens, Greece
Academia Sinica, Beijing, China
University of Padua, Italy
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
University of Helsinki, Finland
University of the Aegean, Mytilini, Greece
University of Catania, Italy
University of Joenssuu, Finland
University of Bologna, Italy
University of Aalborg, Denmark
University of Newcastle, England

Scientific/Managerial Involvement in The Netherlands

Past Chairman, Social Science Council of The Netherlands
Past Member of the Board of the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences
Past Chairman, Humanities Division of Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences
Past Vice-president, Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences
Past Vice-Chairman, Dutch Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (HDP) Committee
Past Member, Global Change Committee Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences
Past Member, Jury Heineken Prize for the Environment
Past Chairman, Committee on Methods and Techniques of the Dutch Ministry of Finance
Past Member, Dutch Environmental Impact Statement Committee
Past Chairman, Board TRAIL Research School, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Past Member Programme Committee National Research Programme on Climate Change
Past Member Steering Group Sustainability and Environmental Quality of Dutch National Science Foundation
Member of numerous temporary/ad hoc advisory committees on science policy and planning issues in The Netherlands

International Scientific Involvement

Fellow Royal Belgian Academy of Science and Arts
Member Advisory Board of the Negev Center, Ben Gurion University, Bear-Sheva, Israel
Member Board Western Regional Science Association, USA
Member International Advisory Committee of the Jan Tinbergen Educational Foundations Trust, Rohtak, India
Member of CESET, Study Center on Evaluation and Economics, Napoli, Italy
Member Advisory Board Mahatma Gandhi International Training Center for Conflict Prevention and Management, Ahmedabad, India
Member Scientific Committee Center for Regional Economics, Transport and Tourism, Bocconi University, Milano, Italy
Life Member of Indian Regional Science Association, Calcutta, India
Life Member of Regional Science Association International, Urbana-Champaign, USA
Past President European Regional Science Association (1979-1989)
Past President Regional Science Association International (1990-1992)
Past Councillor Regional Science Association International (1993-1998 )
Past Chairman Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR) (1987-2001)
Past Coordinator Transatlantic Transportation Research Network STELLA (2001-2005)
Past Co-chairman Steering Group for Social Change and Sustainable Transport ESF-NSF
Past Member, Management Committee COST 328 Progamme on Network Evaluation of the European Union


Dutch Government
Commission of the European Communities
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
World Bank
Academia Sinica
Asian Development Bank
European Roundtable of Industrialists
Council of Europe
European Science Foundation

Selected List of Books

Operational Theory and Method in Regional Economics
(with J. Paelinck)
Saxon House, Westmead, 1976

Environmental Economics*
Rotterdam University Press, Rotterdam, 1976

Multicriteria Analysis and Regional Decisionmaking
(with A. van Delft)
Kluwer Nijhoff, Boston, 1977

Theory and Application of Environmental Economics
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1978

Multidimensional Spatial Data and Decision Analysis
John Wiley, Chichester, 1979

Economic-Environmental-Energy Interactions
(with T.R. Lakshmanan)
Kluwer Nijhoff, Boston, 1980

Environmental Policy Analysis
John Wiley, Chichester, 1980

Multiple Criteria Analysis*
(with J. Spronk)
Gower, Aldershot, 1981

Cities in Transition*
(with P. Rietveld)
Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1981

Location Developments and Urban Planning*
(with W. van Lierop)
Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1981

Urban Problems and Economic Development*
(with L. Chatterjee)
Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1981

Multiregional Economic Modelling*
(with P. Rietveld & F. Snickars)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam. 1982

Systems and Models for Energy and Environmental Analysis*
(with T.R. Lakshmanan)
Gower, Aldershot, 1983

Urban and Regional Policy Analysis for Developing Countries*
(with L. Chatterjee)
Gower, Aldershot, 1983

Information Systems for Integrated Regional Planning*
(with P. Rietveld)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1984

Recent Developments in Spatial Data Analysis*
(with G. Bahrenberg and M. Fischer)
Gower, Aldershot, 1984

Macro-Economic Planning with Conflicting Goals*
(with M. Despontin and J. Spronk)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1984

Measuring the Unmeasurable*
(with H. Leitner and N. Wrigley)
Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, 1985

The Future of Urban Form*
(with J. Brotchie, P. Newton and P. Hall)
Croom Helm, London, 1985

Regional Development in the Mediterranean*
(with K. Koutsopoulos)
Phebus, Athens, 1985

Optimization and Discrete Choice in Urban Systems*
(with M. Batty and B. Hutchinson)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1985

Transportation and Mobility in an Era of Change*
(with G. Jansen and C. Ruijgrok)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1986

Technological Change, Employment and Spatial Dynamics*
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1986

Handbook of Regional Economics*
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1986

Transportation Planning in a Changing World*
(with S. Reichman)
Gower, Aldershot, 1987

Regional Labour Markets*
(with M.M. Fischer)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1987

Informatics and Regional Development*
(with M. Giaoutzi)
Gower, Aldershot, 1988

The Formulation of Time Preferences*
(with G. Kirsch and K. Zimmermann)
Gower, Aldershot, 1988

Information Technology*
(with I. Orishima and G. Hewings)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1988

Small and Medium Size Enterprises and Regional Development*
(with M. Giaoutzi and D. Storey)
Routledge, London, 1988

Advances in Spatial Theory and Dynamics*
(with A. Andersson and B. Johansson)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1989

(with S. Reichman and M. Wegener)
Avebury, Aldershot, 1989

Multicriteria Analysis in Physical Planning
(with P. Rietveld and H. Voogd)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1989

Economy and Ecology*
(with F. Archibugi)
Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1989

Spatial Choices and Processes*
(with M. Fischer and Y. Papageorgiou)
North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 1991

Regional Science: Retrospect and Prospect*
(with D.E. Boyce and D. Shefer)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1991

Services for the Elderly in Europe
(with J. Pacolet et al.)
HIVA, Leuven, 1990

The Spatial Context of Technological Development*
(with R. Cappellin)
Avebury, Aldershot, 1990

Interaction, Evolution and Chaos in Space
(with A. Reggiani)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1992

Structure and Change in the Space-Economy*
(with T.R. Lakshmanan)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993

Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Modelling and Policy Evaluation*
(with M.M. Fischer)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993

Decision Support Models for Regional Sustainable Development
(with M. Giaoutzi)
Avebury, Aldershot, 1993

Europe on the Move*
(Gower, Aldershot, 1993)

Nonlinear Evolution of Spatial Economic Systems*
(with A. Reggiani)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993

Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning
(with E. Blaas)
Kluwer, Boston, 1993

Potentials and Bottlenecks in Spatial Development*
(with H. Kohno)
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New Borders and Old Barriers in Spatial Development*
Avebury, Aldershot, 1994

Sustainable Cities in Europe
(with A. Perrels)
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Missing Transport Networks in Europe
(with J. Vleugel, R. Maggi & I. Masser)
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Moving Frontiers: Economic Restructuring, Regional Development and Emerging Networks*
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European Transport and Communication Networks*
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Overcoming Isolation*
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Planning for our Cultural Heritage*
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Sustainable Tourism Development*
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Telematics and Transport Behaviour
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Recent Advances in Spatial Equilibrium Modelling*
(with J.C.J.M. van den Bergh and P. Rietveld
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Modern Classics in Regional Science* (6 volumes)
(with K. Button et al.)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 1996

Innovative Behaviour in Space and Time*
(with C.S. Bertuglia and S. Leonardo)
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Meta-Analysis in Environmental Economics
(with J.C.J.M. van den Bergh, K. Button and G. Pepping)
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Transportation Planning and the Future
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The Economics of Complex Spatial Systems
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Transport Networks in Europe*
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Multi-Criteria Analysis for Land-Use Management*
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Neural Networks in Transport Applications*
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Ashgate, Aldershot, 1998

Crossing Borders*
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Sustainable Cities and Energy Policies
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New Contributions to Transportation Analysis in Europe*
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Spatial Dynamics of European Integration
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Environmental Analysis and Economic Policy * (6 volumes)
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European Transport Policy and Sustainable Mobility
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Regional Cohesion and Competition in the Age of Globalization *
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Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2000

The Emergence of the Knowledge Economy
(with Z. Acs and H. de Groot)
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2002

Classics in Transport Analysis* (8 volumes)
(with K. Button)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2002

Comparative Environmental Economic Assessment
(with R. Floraxs and K. Willis)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2002

Social Change and Sustainable Transport
(with B. Black)
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The Ecological Economics of Biodiversity
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The Emerging Economic Geography in EU Accession Countries*
(with I. Traistaru and L. Resmini)
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Unfare Solutions
(with B. Ubbels, M. Enoch and S. Potter)
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Innovation, Space and Economic Development
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2004

The Future of Automated Freight Transport*
(with R. Koning and H. Priemus)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2005

Urban Dynamics and Growth*
(with R. Capello)
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2005

Spatial Dynamics, Networks and Modelling*
(with A. Reggiani)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2006

Tourism and Regional Development; New Pathways*
(with M. Giaoutzi)
Ashgate, Aldershot, 2006

Public Facilities Planning
(with L. Kiminami and K. Button)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2007

Advances in Modern Tourism Research*
(with A. Matias and P. Neto)
Physika-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2007

Transportation Planning*
(with Y. Shiftan and K. Button)
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2007


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