Help and support

Getting help

In case of problems, always try the CMLCA Companion, the html-based helpfile. Use Help | Manual from the main screen, or press the F1 key from almost any screen.

CMLCA is for free. This implies a number of things:

You may also invite me (or one of my colleagues) to provide a training session at your office. Several companies and research centres have done so in the past.

Giving help

I welcome all suggestions and error reports. Click here to send feedback. I acknowledge valuable feedback in the past from:

Known issues for Version 5.2

First, remember that CMLCA is highly advanced, and that there is no full test phase before a new release. So, there may some problems with the current "stable" release. Please report problems, so that I may list them here as "known issues", and perhaps provide a solution.

Some known issues in the current release of CMLCA.
Problem Reason/solution
I cannot import the ELCD/ILCD data. Probably you have downloaded data in the new ILCD format (version 2), which is not yet supported by the current release. You might look for data in the old format, or find a format converter.