Computing resources at VU University

Ox environment

At the VU, OxMetrics 7.0 is available. To get access on a VU computer, send an email to the helpdesk.

For VU employees and students, Ox is available for download to use at home. Download (from the VU campus only) the software from As username, use your vunet-id in the format vu\vunetid.

A (large) set of slides on programming Ox from the PPEctr course is available.

Compute servers

Centrally at the VU, two compute servers are available, see the Compute Service. Login through SSH with your vu-net ID to or These servers contain Matlab, OxMetrics, Python, R and several other programs.

Computing resources at `Rotterdam'

For the Department of Econometrics and O.R. I maintain a server for running larger calculations. Ask for an account to log in at by SSH. The machine contains two 8-core CPUs, 128GB of memory and a decent amount of local disk space, for research.

Computing resources at LISA/Sara

Even larger calculations could be shifted to the LISA cluster, which also has Ox7 installed for members of the School of Business.

Note: Logging in through SSH

To log in with SSH, you'll need a SSH Terminal. On OSX/Linux, an SSH terminal is included: Start a terminal, and type e.g.

On Windows you may use