Department of Economics 

      Evgenia Motchenkova 



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Current Affiliation:

Associate Professor
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Department of Economics
De Boelelaan 1105 / 10A-87
1081 HV Amsterdam
tel. +31-(0)20-5987143



Ph.D. Economics, Tilburg University, 2001-2005

Master Degree, University of Oslo, 1999- 2001

Master Degree, Saint-Petersburg State University, 1995-2000











Research Interests

Primary Fields: Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, Competition Policy and Regulation, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Dynamic Games


·         E. Dijk, J.L. Moraga-Gonzalez, and E. Motchenkova, (2023), “How Do Start-up Acquisitions Affect the Direction of Innovation?,  Journal of Industrial Economicsforthcoming

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·         E. Motchenkova and P.M. Kort, (2006), Analysis of the properties of the current penalty schemes for violations of antitrust law, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 128(2), 431-451

Book Chapters and Reports:

Working Papers:

·         Personalized Pricing, Competition and Welfare, with H. Houba and H. Wang, 2022, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 2022-020

·         Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Cartel Interventions: A Conceptual Framework, with Y. Katsoulacos and D. Ulph, 2016, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers, TILEC Discussion Paper Series.

·         Antitrust Enforcement and Marginal Deterrence, with H. Houba and Q. Wen, 2011. Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers 2011-166/1.

·         Research Joint Ventures and Price Collusion: Joint Analysis of the Impact of R&D Subsidies and Antitrust Fines, with O. Rus, VU Research Memoranda 2011-25,

·         Leniency Programs in the Presence of Judicial Errors, with N. Ghebrihiwet, TILEC Discussion paper 2010-030

·         The effects of leniency programs on cartel stability: A timing game approach, CentER Discussion paper 2004-98, URL: CentER Discussion paper series 2004-98 (revised July 2009)

Work in Progress:

·         Start-ups, reverse killer acquisitions, and incumbent’s direction of innovation, with J. Moraga-Gonzalez and E. Dijk, 2022, mimeo

·         Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in Oligopolistic Search Engine Market, with E. Bartelsman, P. Denderski, and I. Lianos, mimeo (March 2016)

Other publications:

·         Y. Funaki, H. Houba and E. Motchenkova, 2013, An application of Market Power Theory in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets to the EU Gas Production and Distribution Industry, AENORM, 21(78), p. 14-19

·         N. Tesfay, F. den Butter and E. Motchenkova, 2012, De valkuilen voor de snelle economische groei van Eritrea, Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB), 97 (4632), 30 March 2012, p. 216-218

·         H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, 2010, On the Effectiveness of Leniency Programs in Cartel Enforcement, MET: Medium Econometrische Toepassingen, 17-4-3, p. 18-23 and AENORM  18 (67), p. 23-27

·         H. Houba, E. Motchenkova and Q. Wen, 2009, The Maximal Damage Paradigm in Antitrust Regulation: Is it Something New?, AENORM  16, p.37-41

·         Promoting small-scale private enterprises in Russia: the problem of excessive taxation, Proceedings of the Workshop on Reviving Russian Economy through the restructuring of incentives, 2001. St-Petersburg, Russia, pp. 7-10

Fellowships, Grants and Honors:

·         Short-listed for Antitrust Writing Awards GCR, 2013 (article: " Market Dominance and Search Quality in the Search Engine Market");

·         Short-listed for the best TILEC Discussion Paper of the academic year 2012-2013 (article: " Market Dominance and Search Quality in the Search Engine Market");

·         TILEC Research Grant on “The law and economics of online search and search advertising”, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2011;

·         Research Fellow of Tinbergen Institute (TI), Tilburg University, 2012 - present;

·         Research Fellow of Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), Tilburg University, 2006 – present;