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I started working at the Department of Spatial Economics of the VU University of Amsterdam in 1992. The first four years I spent writing my PhD-thesis on 'The Economics of Regulating Road Transport'. In this work, I was especially looking at the efficiency and social feasability of road transport regulation, with a focus on congestion and road pricing. As you can see here in my recent discussion papers, I am still active in this field. In November 2002, I became full professor of Spatial Economics. Dutch speaking visitors of this site may be interested in my inaugural lecture, as well as in the review report Vormgeving en effecten van prijsbeleid op de weg, which provides a multidisciplinary perspective on pricing policies for road transport, and was prepared for the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Waterworks by a consortium of researchers from the VU, SEO, TU-Delft, and RuG.

In 2010 I was awarded an Advanced ERC Grant for a research project under the acronym of "OPTION": Optimizing Policies for Transport: accounting for Industrial Organization in Network markets.

My research focuses on efficiency and equity aspects of spatial externalities and their economic regulation, in particular in transport, urban and spatial systems. Important research themes include second-best regulation, network- and spatial analysis and methodological development, dynamic modelling, efficiency aspects versus equity and social acceptability, policy evaluation, and valuation of intangibles such as time, reliability, statistical life, and externalities. The best way to get an impression of the work I have been doing so far is to have a look at my list of publications

I am frequently involved in project research and other advisory work for, for example, the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works. Another stream of projects that have attracted quite some attention are the "Spitsmijden" ("Peak avoidance") projects.