Onno Bouwmeester

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After PhD defense, 14 January 2008 

Photo: Hester Mieras



Onno Bouwmeester is associate professor of Business Ethics and Management Consulting at the department Management and Organization, School of Business and Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He wrote three monographs in these fields as well as numerous articles. His ethics studies focus on moral leadership, moral disengagement and rationality conflicts. In his consultant studies the focus is on change, rhetoric, and dirty work experiences. He likes qualitative methods and interdisciplinary research that crosses borders of the social sciences and humanities. In his latest monograph he uses critical consultant jokes to study ethical transgressions in a business context. He has developed a MSc program in Management Consulting, and headed a supporting capacity group for over ten years. He started his career as a consultant.





2022: (under contract) Business ethics and critical consultant jokes: New research methods to study ethical transgressions. Cham: Springer

2017: The social construction of rationality: Policy debates and the power of good reasons. London: Routledge


2010: Economic advice and rhetoric: Why do consultants perform better than academic advisers. Cheltenham: Elgar


Scientific articles (co-)authored:

2021: Accentuating dirty work: Coping with psychological taint in elite management consulting. German Journal of Human Resource Management

              https://doi.org/10.1177/23970022211055480 (open access)

2021: Intermediaries in the relevance-gap debate: A systematic review of consulting roles. International Journal of Management Reviews

              http://doi.org/10.1111/ijmr.12267 (open access)

2021: An exploration of obstacles to identity play during unemployment. Career Development International, 26(3) pp. 333-347

              https://doi.org/10.1108/CDI-10-2019-0238 (open access)

2021: Work-life balance policies in high performance organisations: A comparative interview study with millennials in Dutch consultancies. German Journal of HRM 35(1) pp. 6-32

              https://doi.org/10.1177/2397002220952738 (open access)

2021: Reconceptualizing moral disengagement as a process: Transcending overly liberal and overly conservative practice in the field. Journal of Business Ethics, 172(3) pp. 525–543

              https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-020-04520-6 (open access)

2019: Pitching a business idea to investors: How new venture founders use micro-level rhetoric to achieve narrative plausibility and resonance. Int. Small Business Journal, 37(3) pp. 193 –214

              https://doi.org/10.1177/0266242618818249 (open access)

2018: Moral or Dirty Leadership: A Qualitative Study on How Juniors Are Managed in Dutch Consultancies. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15(11), 2506

              https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph15112506 (open access)

2016: The paradoxical effect of self-categorization on work stress in a high-status occupation: Insights from management consulting. Human Relations 69(9) pp. 1823–1852


2015: The paradoxical image of consultant expertise: a rhetorical deconstruction. Management Decision 53(10) pp. 2433 – 2456


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2008: De argumentatiepraktijk van consultants en academische adviseurs M&O 58(6)


2008: Situationele rationaliteit in publieke besluitvorming Filosofie in Bedrijf 18(2)


2005: Span of control van afdelingsmanagers in ziekenhuizen MAB 79(3)


Book chapters (co-)authored:

2012: Consultants and persuasive argumentation


2009: Een professionele adviseur moet kunnen overtuigen

2009: Strategisch advies als het wegen van argumenten

2008: Stelligheid problematiseren: debatten in de organisatiekunde


Professional publications:
2020: Consultants en ethiek: Een top tien van pijnpunten.
M&C Quarterly 2020(2) pp. 44-49


2019: Werkstress en Moreel Leiderschap: Interviews met junior adviseur en hun managers. M&C Quarterly 2019(3) pp. 52-57


2018: Hoe Kabouter Buttplug Rotterdam veroverde: Rationeel adviseren over kunst. M&C Quarterly 2018 (1) pp. 52-55


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2008: Economisch contractonderzoek en het economisch adviesbegrip Vuurwerk nr 2 pp. 28-32

2008: Consultants houden van wetenschap maar relativeren hun universitaire kennis: De academische schizofrenie van adviseurs.

            Management en Consulting nr. 6 pp. 50-53
2008: Advies als argumentatie

          Management en Consulting (5 maart 2008)



2008 : Advice as Argument : Economic deliberation in management consulting and academic contract research



Interviews on dissertation (Dutch):

interview volkskrant.pdf

interview staatcourant.pdf