Eurasia Consult is better equipped than any other company offering
similar services to make a stakeholder analysis of your China projects.
The model and methodology developed by Dr. Peverelli over almost
two decades has proved time and again to be the best way to gain an
in depth insight in what your project means to the various groups of

While classical stakeholder analysis is mainly confined to parties in
the environment that take an interest in the project (including a negative
interest, like competitors), Peverelli's model also indicates how key
people are included in several of those parties (spaces), and how those
inclusions influence their behaviour.

In the Application page of this web site we have drawn a basic picture
of how an external inclusion causes a social structure with a company.
A stakeholder analysis performed by Eurasia Consult draws pictures
like this, but on a much more detailed scale. Foreign companies in China,
in particular investors, will benefit greatly from such an analysis.

Using this method, more stakeholders can be found and known. Classical
stakeholder analysis usually uses a checklist with a fixed set of stakeholders
(clients, suppliers, governement, etc.). In our method, we do not start with
such a checklist. Moreover, even when we use categories such as mentioned
above, ours are more subtly defined. For example, 'government' is too
diffuse as a stakeholder category, we would discern different levels like:
'state,' 'province,' 'county,' 'municipality,' etc. Different levels of
government can influence different parts of your project (see the article
Negotiating Spaces on the Publications section of this site).

Complexity in organizations
An apple juice company in Qixia is affected by three levels of
'government.' Each level influences a different part of the company

Our analysis includes the actual and potential influence each stakeholder
has on the operation of a Chinese company, or the cooperative venture
between you and a Chinese counterpart, but mapping the inclusions of
key Chinese individuals.

A stakeholder analysis can be performed for a new project, but also on
an existing one. Clients can be commercial enterprises, but also government
organizations that need to cooperate with Chinese counterparts.