One Turbulent Year Ė China 1975

13 April 2014 by CRTV

cover One Turbulent Year

cover One Turbulent Year

Grown up in Europe, Peter Peverelli witnesses the final, and very turbulent, year of the Cultural Revolution. He is the first and last Dutch student in China to work in a rural commune and in a department store as part of the curriculum. When Prime Minister Zhou Enlai dies, he personally offers his condolences to Zhouís widow. But he is also forced to flee his dormitory during the destructive earthquake of July 1976.

Peterís diary allows us to learn how his experience affected the world outlook of young Western students. They were opinionated and critical, as reflected in the language of the book, but also tried to make sense of China with an open mind. They had to rely heavily on one another to find their way in a culture completely alien to them.

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