Doing Business in Emerging Markets

This is an obligatory course in the Master of International Business

Course objective
This course covers all aspects of International Management, but applies it to emerging markets. Emerging markets are the frontiers of international management and initiating business activities there includes an aspect of pioneering. Not everything is as clearly regulated as is the case in mature markets, but models and methods to deal with that greater equivocality have been developed. Students will learn to recognize the particularities of a certain emerging market and formulate strategies to cope with the particular challenges of that region.
After completing this course, students are able to:

    Course content
    The course starts with the definition of emerging markets and an introduction of the aspects on which they differ from more mature markets, such as cultural and political issues and the growing influence of emerging markets on global business. The course then applies this to a number of core issues in international management such as market entry mode and collaborating with local partners. The academic content of the lectures will be based on current discussions in relevant publications. The tutorials will allow students to practice with the models, in some cases with the help of guest lecturers with in-depth practical experience.