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VU Econometrics

The Department of Econometrics and OR is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or, in English, VU University Amsterdam.

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BSc Econometrics and OR

The bachelor program includes various mathematical and statistical courses such as Basic Mathematical Skills, Analysis, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Programming, Probability and Mathematical Statistics. The core of the program consists of courses related to Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Operations Research. In addition, a number of economics subjects need to be studied including Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing and Accounting.
The Econometric courses for which our group is responsible are

The bachelor programme can be completed in three years and concludes with the writing of a thesis.

MSc Econometrics

The master program in Econometrics at VU University provides you with the opportunity to study Econometrics in depth. The program takes one year and is worth 60 credit points (ECTS). It focuses on econometric theory and methods with a focus on applications in economics and finance.

The thesis can be based on practical or theoretical work. The first option gives you the opportunity to analyse real-life problems in finance or economics. The second option allows you to focus on your topic of interest by studying the relevant literature and doing independent scientific work but with the support of the academic staff.