Principles of Programming in Econometrics

Principles of Programming in Econometrics is a bootcamp course intended for beginning QRM/EOR Master and TI PhD students, aspiring to flavour their research with their own coding. The course is build around material collected over the years, around either the Ox, Matlab, or lately Python languages.


Topics covered within the course are The structure of the course in the three languages is relatively similar, and example files are available as well.

Setup 2020

In 2020, due to Corona, the course will be taught fully online. Students from the TI, DHPQRM or OR masters will receive information on registration for the course on Canvas. Video-lectures are made available through Canvas, together with additional exercises and the the setup of the tutorials. Before the course starts, please work through the first videos from the Canvas course, and think about the exercise E0.


Slidesppectr_ox.pdf ppectr_matlab.pdf ppectr_python_lect.pdf
ExercisesE0, ppectr_python_exer.pdf
Syntaxppectr_syntax_ox.pdf ppectr_syntax_matlab.pdf N.A.