In the course of the several years, it became convenient for me to have some routines at hand which execute common tasks in Ox for me. Creating graphs, tables, checking the time a program lasts, or also the profiling of a program to find out where all the time was spent, became tasks for which I created libraries or simple include-files.

As I thought these routines might be of use to others as well, I'll publish them here on these pages. For simplicity, they come in separate packages:


A library which implements the drawing routines following Jurgen Doornik's original syntax, but with output in GnuPlot. Included are possibilities to create bivariate graphs, and also to plot irregularly spaced time series data.


A range of small routines for measuring the time a program is expected to last (info), to print a matrix in LaTeX format (printtex), to set the seed to a random value (setseed), and a set of routines to check which part of a program takes most of the time (TrackTime).


Many times I wished I had a more robust optimisation algorithm at hand, like simulated annealing. This package implements (or better: copies) the algorithm as proposed by Bill Goffe.


As I implemented several Bayesian MCMC sampling techniques over and over again, I thought it wiser to put a range of them together in a package. Also computation of marginal likelihoods is automated for a range of methods.


The OxJapi package is written by Christine Choirat and Raffaello Seri to provide a link between Ox and Japi. The original package temporarily disappeared from the web; this is a copy (with a minor update for the installation) as it is used still by e.g. TSMod.

For these packages, a range of examples and installation instructions are available.