The OxJapi package provides an implementation in Ox of the Japi package by Christine Choirat and Raffaello Seri.

As the package went missing at its original location, even though the package is still in active use by TSMod and possibly others, I constructed below a copy of the website. After constructing the website, Christine told me that the original site has moved to http://perso.orange.fr/cchoirat/software.html. For the original setup, refer to her page.

Small changes have been made in order to streamline the installation a bit, the package has been compiled anew for 0x 4.00 both 32- and 64 bits code, but not much more has happened to it.

Note that I do not actively maintain the package; I have little knowledge of it, apart from keeping a Linux version running.


OxJapi (by Christine Choirat and Raffaello Seri) is an Ox version of the Japi package. The Java Application Programming Interface, or Japi for short, has been developed by Merten Joost. This package allows for building user interfaces with languages that are not object-oriented (such as C or Fortran 77). We have ported JAPI (version 1.0.5 r 2) to the matrix programming language Ox created by Jurgen A. Doornik. With the Ox package OxJapi, you can add a Graphical User Interface to your Ox programs in a very simple way. The Ox code is platform-independent, i.e. the same Ox program can be run on Unix and Windows without modification. For example, with the Ox code:
      decl jFrame = j_frame("Hello World!");
      while (j_nextaction() != jFrame) {}
you get (on Linux Gnome and Windows XP respectively):

OxJapi is free software released under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License), which basically means you can use it into non-free software (provided you respect the license terms of Ox). We thank Jurgen A. Doornik for having compiled the Windows version. To run programs that use OxJapi, you need to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if you don't have one already. You can get it from http://java.sun.com/downloads.



OxJapi Documentation (pdf, 299 kb)

Original JAPI Reference by Merten Joost (pdf of C-version, 640 kb)

Download OxJapi (above documentation included; unzip to your Ox directory)

Change log

Below the list of changes by Charles Bos.
Added further links to JAPI documentation for C by Merten Joost, with a local copy of the PDF for convenience.
Provided links to original page (at new location) and authors Christine Choirat and Raffaello Seri.
20/2/2007 (first local version of oxjapi.zip)
Publication of package on its new location; included cleaned makefiles for Linux, both 32- and 64-bit versions, and a small change in japilib.c to allow for longer path names.