Born: March 21. 1956, at Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands

Bachelor, Master: Leiden University: Chinese Language & Culture, specialization linguistics.

PhD Arts, Leiden University (1986); PhD Title: The History of Modern Chinese Grammar Studies

PhD Business Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam (2000); PhD Title: Cognitive Space

Key interests: cognitive linguistics, general organisation theory, corporate identity, corporate culture

The main theme of my life is fragmentation. I try to combine the best of two worlds:

the world of (Chinese) culture and linguistics with the world of organisation theory. Moreover, I perform this combination in the academic world as well as an independent consultant. This means that I have to shuttle around a lot: between Delft, where I live, and the seat of the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, as well as between the Netherlands and China.

Well, if moving around keeps the body young and fit, I should be looking forward to a very long life.

Here at the VU, I am currently responsible for the course Doing Business in Emerging Markets (a course in the Master of International Management, Social Dynamics in Entrepreneurship (a course in the Master of Entrepreneurship), and the Amsterdam Research Project, a annual activity in which a number of students perform contract market research in an emerging market.

I was one of the first Western students allowed in China to study for a year in 1975, entitled
One Turbulent Year: China 1975.

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